The Falklands War

2 April 1982 ~ 14 June 1982

Some 30 years have passed since the British Government had to take firm and decisive action to retain the sovereignty of The Falkland Islands.

Thousands of individuals were mobilised to send a Task Force to reclaim the islands.

As a lasting tribute to all who participated in The Falklands War we are immensely proud to have produced a very individual and personalised Fine Art Print which will not only grace any home and be handed down from generation to generation but will also serve as a fitting tribute to those scarred by events and for those who did not return.

We have also developed a range of other items of Falklands Memorabilia which compliment the wonderful print.

Lets examine the print and the other memorabilia

Fine Art PrintFalklands MugFramed TributeFalklands Shield

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This range of memorabilia will stir the memories of all who took part in the superb victory over Argentina. The heroics of all of the forces, the action at Goose Green, Mount Tumbledown, the tragedy of San Carlos Bay. The victory march into Port Stanley and the dignity of the Islanders.

Here is a list of the participating forces:

ROYAL NAVY                                       ARMY                                       RAF                      

HMS INVINCIBLE                                    ROYAL HORSE GUARDS                                         44 SQN

HMS HERMES                                          ROYAL ARTILLERY 12 REGT                               50 SQN

HMS FEARLESS                                       ROYAL ARTILLERY 29 REGT                               101 SQN  

HMS INTREPID                                       ROYAL ARTILLERY 21 BTY 27 REGT                     42 SQN

HMS ANTRIM                                         ROYAL ARTILLERY 4 REGT                                   120 SQN        

HMS GLAMORGAN                                ROYAL ARTILLERY 43 BTY 32 REGT                      201 SQN

HMS COVENTRY                                    ROYAL ENGINEERS 36 REGT                                  206 SQN

HMS CARDIFF                                        ROYAL ENGINEERS 11 FIELD SQN                           24 SQN

HMS GLASGOW                                      ROYAL ENGINEERS 59 CDO SQN                             30 SQN

HMS SHEFFIELD                                    ROYAL ENGINEERS 49 EOD SQN                              47 SQN

HMS EXETER                                        ROYAL ENGINEERS 50 FIELD SQN                            70 SQN                 

HMS BRISTOL                                        ROYAL SIGNALS 5 INF BDE & SIGNALS SQN           10 SQN

HMS ENDURANCE                                ROYAL SIGNALS ELEMENTS OF 30 REGT                  55 SQN

HMS HECLA                                          ROYAL SIGNALS 602 TROOP                                      57 SQN

HMS HYDRA                                         ROYAL SIGNALS ELEMENTS OF 14 REGT                   1 SQN

HMS HERALD                                        SCOTS GUARDS 2 Bn                                                  18 SQN

HMS HECATE                                       WELSH GUARDS 1 Bn                                                   202 SQN

HMS BRECON                                        1/7TH GURKHA RIFLES                                            RAF REGIMENT

HMS LEDBURY                                     PARACHUTE REGT 2 Bn                                          ELEMENTS OF 3 WING

HMS ARDENT                                       PARACHUTE REGT 3 Bn                                            15 SQN

HMS ANTELOPE                                   SPECIAL AIR SERVICE                                                63 SQN

HMS ACTIVE                                         ARMY AIR CORPS 656 SQN                                       MERCHANT NAVY

HMS ALACRITY                                    RCT PORT SQN 17 REGT                                            AVELONA STAR

HMS AMBUSCADE                                RCT 47 AD SQN                                                          ASTRONOMER

HMS ARROW                                        RAMC 2 FIELD HOSPITAL                                           ANCO CHARGER

HMS AVENGER                                    RAMC 16 FIELD AMBULANCE                                     ALVEGA

HMS YARMOUTH                                RAOC 9 Bn                                                                  ATLANTIC CONVEYOR           

HMS PLYMOUTH                                RAOC 81 Ordnance Coy                                                  ATLANTIC CAUSEWAY

HMS BRILLIANT                                 RAOC 91 Ordnance Coy                                                    BRITISH AVON

HMS BROADSWORD                           RAOC ELEMENTS OF 42 EO Coy                                    BRITISH DART

HMS ARGONAUT                                 REME 10 FIELD WORKSHOPS                                       BRITISH ESK

HMS ANDROMEDA                            RMP 160 PROVOST Coy                                                  BRITISH TAMAR

HMS MINERVA                                   RAPC FIELD CASH OFFICE                                            BRITISH TAY

HMS PENELOPE                                INTELLIGENCE CORPS 172 Int & Sec Sect                         BRITISH TEST

HMS COURAGEOUS                           ROYAL MARINES 40 CDO                                               BRITISH TRENT

HMS CONQUEROR                             ROYAL MARINES 42 CDO                                               BRITISH WYE

HMS SPLENDID                                  ROYAL MARINES 45 CDO                                              BALDER LONDON

HMS SPARTAN                                   RM CDO LOGISTIC  REGT                                            BALTIC FERRY

HMS VALIANT                                    3 COMMANDO BDE HQ & SIG SQN                               BRITISH ENTERPRISE III

HMS ONYX                                         3 COMMANDO BDE AIR SQN                                        CEDAR BANK

HMS LEEDS CASTLE                         3 COMMANDO BDE AIR DEF TP                                    CORDELLA

HMS DUMBARTON CASTLE            1 RAIDING SQN                                                               CANBERRA

RFA                                                    MOUNTAIN & ARCTIC WARFARE CADRE                   CONTENDER BEZANT

FORT AUSTIN                                   COMMANDO FORCES BAND                                          ELK

FORT GRANGE                                   SPECIAL BOAT SECTION                                             EBURNA

SIR GALAHAD                                                                                                                        EUROPIC FERRY

SIR LANCELOT                                                                                                                      FARNELLA

SIR GERAINT                                                                                                                         FORT TORONTO

SIR TRISTRAM                                                                                                                      GEEST PORT

SIR PERCIVALE                                                                                                                      G.A. WALKER

SIR BEDIVERE                                                                                                                        IRIS

STROMNESS                                                                                                                          IRISHMAN

TIDESPRING                                                                                                                          JUNELLA

TIDEPOOL                                                                                                                              LYCAON

REGENT                                                                                                                                 LAERTES

RESOURCE                                                                                                                            MYRMIDON

ENGADINE                                                                                                                             NORTHELLA

OLNA                                                                                                                                     NORDIC FERRY

OLMEDA                                                                                                                                NORLAND

BAYLEAF                                                                                                                               PICT

APPLELEAF                                                                                                                           QUEEN ELIZABETH 2

PEARLEAF                                                                                                                             RANGATIRA

PLUMLEAF                                                                                                                            SALVAGEMAN

BRAMBLELEAF                                                                                                                    SAXONIA

BLUE ROVER                                                                                                                        STENA INSPECTOR

RMAS                                                                                                                                    STENA SEASPREAD        

TYPHOON                                                                                                                              STRATHEWE

GOOSANDER                                                                                                                          SCOTTISH EAGLE

                                                                                                                                                ST. HELENA

                                                                                                                                                TOR CALEDONIA


                                                                                                                                                WIMPEY SEAHORSE